Thornbridge Brewery

Thornbridge Brewery

From its conception in 2005, Thornbridge Brewery had high aspirations. Opening a 10 barrel brewery on the grounds of Thornbridge Hall, it set out to use traditional recipes and introduce modern techniques and innovation to create a new dawn on the UK craft scene. Just 4 years later in 2009, they opened a new brewery to cope with the demand and to increase the variety of beers available. Currently, the company operates from two brewery sites. Thornbridge Hall demonstrates a dedication to brewing high class products through barrel-aging means and experimenting with old recipes such as Imperial Russian Stout and Dark Ales. The new brewery site Riverside, shows off Thornbridge’s ability to brew quantity as well as quality as they pull off superb brews for wide scale distribution. Since 2005 Thornbridge have won over 350 national and international awards which is a huge number considering its premature age.

Collaborations with Sheffield FC, the world’s oldest football team, and off the pitch with Sierra Nevada help to cement Thornbridge brewery in culture in the UK and in the USA. Its flagship brew Jaipur is highly regarded as one of the UK’s best IPA’s and recently broke into the American Critics top ten IPA’s. To celebrate the Jaipur and its prolonged success, Thornbridge brewery released a Jaipur X which is brewed at 10% on the 10th anniversary of the company. The Riverside brewery covers many styles from Kolsch to Black IPA, and even beers containing Strawberries and Peanut Butter, but not together.

Currently, Thornbridge brewery is hosting a collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery called Serpent which should be available by the end of February. It has been in the making since 2014, matured in bourbon barrels and has added Cider Lees to create what will be one of Thornbridge’s biggest and complex brews to date. In addition they will be bringing back Thornbridge Hall’s Imperial Raspberry Stout and their Sour Brown Ale. A brewery going from strength to strength can only spell good news for the beer industry and for the customer.

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