The White Hag Tuireann Ban (BB Date 24/03/17)
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The White Hag Tuireann Ban (BB Date 24/03/17)

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Tuireann Ban is the Irish lovechild of a Belgian witbier and American IPA.  Similar in colour, body and esters as a witbier, it pours a hazy golden colour. On the nose, initial citrusy hops are swiftly followed with coriander which follows somewhat in the flavour along with light floral notes, orange peel, some bitterness and a dry, pithy finish.

The name ‘The White Hag’ is a nod to ancient Irish mythology. Legend has it that The White Hag was a witch, a chameleon creature. Even Mother Nature herself. She was all that and more. The spirit of Ireland who shaped in land itself and is present in everything through the pure water of the earth. 

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