The Glenlivet Founders Reserve
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The Glenlivet Founders Reserve

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Back in 1824, Glenlivet was founded by George Smith, a visionary in the field and a true icon of the company itself. Their Master Distiller today, Alan Winchester, has helped to create a blend in his honour, calling it the Founders Reserve and it is made using the same distilling methods Smith would have used to create his masterpieces. Not only that, they are using the same mountain stream to create a whisky as smooth and fruity as once was. The whisky has more freedom than most, having been released from the restraints of choosing age statement whisky’s and instead choosing from a wide variety of traditional aged oak casks. In a modern twist, these oak casks are married with American first fill casks, which imparts a creamy sweetness with the delicate fruit flavours in the whisky.

The aroma of the Founders Reserve is that of complex fruit, consisting of dates, with notes of plum and apricot, orange zest and chocolate raisins. Pear, cinnamon and honeysuckle are also present. The fruit is also apparent on the palate with anise, apple and banoffee producing a slightly sweet taste before a creamy toffee finish.  

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