Te Bheag Whiskey
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Te Bheag Whiskey

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Pronounced 'chey vek', Te Bheag means 'the little lady' or 'a wee dram' in colloquial Gaelic. Smooth and slightly peated from its West Coast origins, this connoisseurs' blended Scotch whisky has a high malt content and a hint of sherry from selected casks in which it was matured.

The Te Bheag connoisseur's blend is a fresh, rich whisky.



It has a high malt content (40%) which contributes to the smoothness of the blend.



It has a delicate peaty flavour and a toffee-like richness and finishes with a soft spirited character.

The Te Bheag was the winner of the silver medal in 2011 & gold medal in 2009 at the International Wine & Spirit Competition.
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