Tabu Classic Absinth 700ml
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Tabu Classic Absinth 700ml

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As is indicated by the name, Tabu Classic Absinth is a classic among the varieties of absinth. Authentic, unusual and versatile, its bold design defines its distinctive properties: provocative, sophisticated and superior.

The secret lies in the selected ingredients such as herbs, anise and artemisia absinthium added to the alcohol. Their aromas are gently extracted at the most suitable conditions, unmodified and therefore authentic. After a certain time, the mixture is subjected to gentle distillation. The vaporous aromatic compounds and the alcohol are separated from the herbs and spices. The concentrated absinth obtained in this way is then mixed with treacle and other specially selected ingredients. The taste is nothing short of glorious.

This absinth is an unusual mixer, whether for those making long drinks at home or bar professionals, and it is a constant source of inspiration for new creations.
The taste is powerful and pleasantly sweet on the tongue, dominated by notes of anise and liquorice whilst the flavour consists of delicate ginger, fennel and rock sugar. Sedates the tongue very gently, slightly invigorating like a balm, coupled with tender bitterness.
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