Swiss Beer

Although in western Switzerland the locals tend to drink a lot of imported beer from countries like Belgium, it is a completely different story in the east, where microbreweries and brewpubs are ever so popular. Eastern Switzerland is often described as a lager region. Many of the local microbreweries and brewpubs have been going strong for years, run by independents and families.

Swiss beer festivals
You may know that Oktoberfest is a beer festival that takes place in Germany, but did you know that it also takes place in Zurich too? Yes the Swiss version of Oktoberfest is just as fabulous, though perhaps not as crowded as the one in Munich! There you can sample the finest beers from around the world in peaceful and tranquil surroundings. As well as various beer tents to visit, you can also enjoy live music and indulge in traditional foods.

If mainstream beers are not for you, then why not visit The Craft Beer Festival in Rapperswil-Jona? At this Swiss beer festival you will get the opportunity to learn about and try out some of the country’s finest craft beers. The organisers travel all over the country sourcing the finest craft beer for the festival. There are a number of fantastic microbreweries that take part each year, all of which are looking to encourage restaurants and bars to sell more craft beer. It is a very family-friendly atmosphere and would make a fun day out if you happen to be holidaying in Switzerland at the time.

Fun facts
Did you know that Swiss alcohol is supposed to be used in a traditional cheese fondue recipe? Traditionally the Swiss would include wine in their fondue, to give it a little extra flavour, but there are many variations which use beer and kirsch.
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