St Austell Clouded Yellow (BB Date End 10/17)
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St Austell Clouded Yellow (BB Date End 10/17)

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Pale yellow in colour and naturally (bottle) conditioned, the beer may be poured cloudy by gently swirling the last few inches to rouse the natural yeast sediment. Alternatively, clear beer can be decanted carefully leaving the yeast behind. Serve cool in a long glass to experience the true citrus overtones which have been delicately flavoured with whole spices and vanilla. The combination of flavours is brought alive by gently sweetening with pure organic maple syrup.

An award winning, quite unique wheat beer, Clouded Yellow derives its name from a migrant butterfly found visiting the UK during the summer months.

Roger Protz, beer writer, described Clouded Yellow on the Radio 4 Food Programme as: "Lovely...rich, spicy, slightly peppery and marmaladey on the nose."

Chef and beer with food writer Richard Fox said "The natural citrus element of the beer contrasts favourably with fish dishes."

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