St Aubin Rhum Agricole Blanc
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St Aubin Rhum Agricole Blanc

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Rhum agricole is quite different from other rum in that it's not made from molasses, which is a by-product of sugar production, but from the juice of freshly squeezed sugar cane. This is a very French way of producing rum. St Aubin has been a sugar plantation since 1819 but only making rum relatively recently. Distillation is carried out once in an alembic still with the first cane pressing only used. The rum is un-aged. Due to this different technique the flavour profile of Rhum Agricole is very different to rum (aka molasses or industrial rum).

The nose of St. Aubin is massive with sweet sugar cane, grass and herby aromas. The palate is very smooth and supple for 50% and fresh cane juice is abundant. The finish is clean and smooth with a slight peppery, vanilla tinge.
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