Speciality spirits are the perfect way to remember a trip abroad, or else it’s an excellent way to indulge in something a little bit different. From Slovakian mead to Lebanese arak, Greek ouzo and even some good old British Pimms, Beers of Europe will have you covered. No matter how exotic your taste in spirits is, our online catalogue will have something special for you.

Speciality spirits include a huge range of different countries and cultures. The only way to get to know them all is to give them a try! Take a look at these for a bit of a taster:
Greek Ouzo: This is an anise-flavoured aperitif that can be served as a shot, or mixed with ice and water for a longer drink. It’s a great accompaniment to a traditional Mediterranean meze – Ouzo could definitely add some extra flavour to summer dining or any Greek meal.

Mead: This is a varied and tasty drink, produced by fermenting a solution of honey and water. The earliest mead is said to have been produced in around 2000BC. There are a huge number of different local traditions surrounding its brewing, all of which can affect taste and colour – this ranges from dark, sweet honey meads to fruitier flavours.  
Mexican Mezcal: This is often considered the most authentic Mexican spirit; it can only be exported in the bottle so it’s always authentic. The name ‘Mezcal’ originates from the Aztec word for cooked pineapple; it’s made from agave plant which bears a passing resemblance to this tropical fruit. Each bottle has a worm inside – known colloquially as the chinculi, these worms live in the agave plant and are, in fact, very nutritious.

There are many more speciality spirits to be discovered at Beers – simply browse our online catalogue to find something unusual!

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