Solan de Cabras 500ml
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Solan de Cabras 500ml

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Solan de Cabras is Spain's best known premium water brand. Its distinctive blue bottle stands out in many prestigious restaurants and it is a popular choice amongst sommeliers, chefs and consumers alike.


Solan de Cabras is sourced from from a single spring in the Cuenca hills, 950m above sea level, near Beteta, central Spain, 100 miles South East of Madrid. It's healing qualities having been referenced since Roman times became a favourite with Spanish royality visiting to benefit from it's reputation in the 18th century and a spa being constructed there in 1775. The first chemical analysis was made in 1790 and the mineral composition has hardly changed since then. This is,in part, down to the dense character of the minerals that make up the aquifer. It has been calculated that rainfall is filtered for 400 years before it re-emerges from the spring which runs continuously and at a constant temperature of 21 degrees.

The smooth, neutral taste of Solan de Cabras makes it an ideal table water. Its naturally low sodium and high magnesium content helps digestion and reduces gastric acid. While water is important to health, it's essential to sports activity:


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