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The Russian Connection. Czaar Peter is a living, not pasteurized, fermented beer.


Russian Imperial Stout was originally brewed in England during the 18th century. Given the frosty sea transport a beer was brewed with high alcohol content. The origin of this Russian Imperial Stout is located in Zaandam. For this we go back to the year 1697. It is in this year that Tsar Peter I in Zaandam lived and worked as a carpenter. To emphasize the Russian-Dutch relationship, we enriched the beer with Tsar Peter 'Zaanse Cocoa. The introduction of this beer took place at the Russian embassy in the Hague.

On the nose, roasted, light caramel, walnuts. On the palate, main notes of coffee, bitter chocolate and currants, sticky and warming from the alcohol. An aftertaste of cocoa and roasted caramel, nicely balanced.
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