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Skyy Vodka

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Skyy Vodka is an high quality premium vodka which is distilled in the United States using American grain. The finished product is packaged in a unique blue bottle which states that Skyy Vodka has fewer impurities than any other vodka currently being sold.

Skyy Vodka is distilled four times followed by a proprietary reverse-osmosis process which gives it an incredible smooth quality.



To put this into context, repeated distillation will give the vodka a purer and smoother taste, so by distilling four times Skyy Vodka is of an incredibly high quality.

Back in 2000, Skyy Vodka sold more than one million cases. This has only grown over time which just shows how popular it is. While Skyy Vodka is their original product they have also produced other products including Skyy Infusions Raspberry Vodka and Skyy Infusions Citrus Vodka

Due to its high purity, Skyy is ideal to be drunk straight or in cocktails.
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