Sebor Absinth
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Sebor Absinth

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Sebor Absinth aims to be the most authentic Absinthe available. Its alcohol strength is lower at 55% and yet the wormwood level, and wormwood is why you drink Absinthe, for that extra kick, is the highest in Europe. Our Absinthe is produced in the Czech Republic to a specific recipe that includes the highest amount of Wormwood which creates the Thujone (10mg-100ml). This is what makes Sebor Absinth the most authentic and desired brand in the market. Beware of poor imitations!


Rich aniseed balls powered through on the nose, supported by hints of menthol, mint, eucalyptus and earthy herbaceousness. A silky palate delivered rich aniseed and liquorice upfront, with a supporting cast of mint, eucalyptus, fennel and angelica providing range and depth Class the magazine of bar culture.


Sebor Absinth is the purest of all absinthes; it is made to ancient Swiss/French recipes and made exclusively for us in the Czech Republic. The finest alcohol is blended with a cache of organic ingredients including wormwood, the ingredient that provides the psychoactive element.


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