Santa Teresa 1796 Rum
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Santa Teresa 1796 Rum

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Santa Teresa 1796 is a blend of several Venezuelan rums aged between 8 and 12 years. It is blended expertly using a unique Solera system. The system works by stacking barrels on top of each other in order of age, with the bottom cask, the solera meaning ‘on the ground’ being the oldest of the blends. The rum is drawn from the solera casks, the top tier and the bottom cask is then filled up from the barrel directly on top of it and so on, meaning a filtration system unlike any other. After its journey the spirit is then matured in French oak vats before bottling. The process has been used, predominantly in Spanish speaking countries, for centuries but the quality is still being appreciated today and is demonstrated by its Gold ‘Best in Category’ award at the 2007 Cane Spirits Festival. This sophisticated rum can be served neat or over ice.

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