Robsons Wheat Beer
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Robsons Wheat Beer

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Robson’s Wheat Beer is inspired by both the German Weissbier tradition and the Witbier style from the low countries of Belgium and Holland, in that we use unmalted wheat in our brew, along with malted barley.


Having said that, Robson’s Wheat Beer is truly a South African interpretation, brewed for refreshment in our own sub-tropical climate!


The wheat makes up nearly half of our mash and, being unmalted, the smell of the mash, like fresh pasta, is great in the brew house. And when we combine the Hallertau and Saaz hops in the brew than the aroma is something to behold. The Hallertau hop is delicate and imparts a floral, slightly fruity character to the beer and with the addition of the Saaz hops we attain an excellent aroma in this beer.


Our wheat beer is based on some of the oldest brewing recipes known in Europe, going back to a time before the use of hops where spices and herbs were used to both flavour and help preserve the beer.

In keeping with this history we add coriander to this beer in the copper which all results in a beer that is not bitter. We used a special yeast strain that comes from German to ferment our wheat beer and this in turn imparts its own special flavour to the beer.


In the glass, this beer produces a caramel colour with a light and fluffy off-white head. Cloves and spices are picked up in the aroma of this beer as is the caramel character that produces a peachy character to the beer. The palate provides a mixture of both lemon and orange fruit with a modest hop presence. We like this beer served ice cold in a tall glass on a hot Durban summer afternoon when the combination of the fruit character and light hop presence can really refresh!


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