Red Leg Spiced Rum
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Red Leg Spiced Rum

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Red Leg Spiced Rum is a product from the Red Leg Rum Company Ltd which does its distilling in the Caribbean before shipping their products to the UK for bottling before they are sold. The name of Red Leg Spiced Rum comes from the red leg hermit crabs which are native to the coral reefs around the Caribbean.

This spiced rum has a great taste which comes from the Jamaican vanilla and ginger that is blended into the rum while it is left to rest in old oak barrels. The resting period allows for the creation of a perfectly smooth rum that any rum drinker would appreciate.

The aroma of Red Leg Spiced Rum the sweetness of vanilla, balanced alongside the warming ginger that was used in the ageing process.

On the palate, there are sweet elements which are followed by warming gingers. Overall the flavour is refreshing and well balanced with a mix of sweet and spicy notes which are followed by a warming mouth feel and finishing with a long lasting spiced aftertaste.

Our recommendation when it comes to serving is that it best over ice with a soft drink mixer.

Red Leg Spiced Rum’s great taste was rewarded with a double gold at the San Francisco Spirit Competition in 2013.

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