Pipsqueak Cider
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Pipsqueak Cider

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A fresh Australian cider made by the Little Creatures people. A light, crisp cider crafted using 100% freshly crushed Australian pears

Although Cider making has been around for over a dozen centuries, we were excited by the idea of crafting a fresh Australian cider, utilising the centuries of experience and combining it with fresh 100% apple juice, from all Australian apples, steering well clear of concentrate!

Pipsqueak Best Cider was the result of this thinking and uses two great native Australian apples, Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples. The humble Granny Smith came to life when, Maria Ann Ramsey Smith (presumably a Granny) started propagating way back in 1868 and the pink lady is a hybrid of two great classic varieties, Lady Williams and Golden Delicious.


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