Pink Pigeon Vanilla Rum
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Pink Pigeon Vanilla Rum

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Pink Pigeon is a single estate rum made in the oldest distillery still in operation today in Mauritius.


Uniquely we add natural bourbon vanilla to our handcrafted rum. This exceptional spice is hand pollinated and hand picked in the rainforest canopy of Madagascar and the rich volcanic soil of the Reunion Island.


The natural vanilla helps to give our rum a rich and creamy mouth feel making it ideal for luxurious cocktails and revisited classics such as daiquiris and mojitos.


This is definitely in the uplifting and refreshing domaine, having an exquisite balance of well defined spirit and beautifully integrated vanilla. The quality of the underlying rum gives structure and texture, allowing the vanilla layers to fuse and play on the palate. Unique and enlightening! Doug McIvor, Spirit Manager, BBR Spirits.


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