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Phoenix Beer 330ml

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Mauritius is a green and fertile oasis in the heart of the vast Indian Ocean a melting pot of eastern and western cultural fusion. Since its discovery 500 years ago, global explorers and travellers have sought to be refreshed, revitalised and replenished here. Today, Mauritius is famed for being the ultimate destination for royals, celebrities, honeymooners and lovers, all demanding just one elusive quality the authentic Paradise experience.
Since 63 we have bottled Paradise and quenched the thirst of local and visitor alike. Our beers are brewed to an uncompromising quality standard, using only the finest malted barley, fragrant hops and our very own volcanic-filtered water. Although considered a costly luxury by most breweries we still Lager' (cold-ferment) our beers naturally for a full 28days to ensure the richest, smoothest, most satisfying flavour in every bottle you savour. Such efforts have not gone unrewarded, with gold medals won the world over, including the coveted Monde Selection or Beer of the World' award.
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