Paulaner Hefeweiss Naturtrub 330ml
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Paulaner Hefeweiss Naturtrub 330ml

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The first official record of Paulaner is not your traditional story about its rise to grace but instead is a letter, more specifically a complaint, to the Munich town council in 1634. Paulaner did not start off life as a brewery but as a way of life, helping Monks at the ‘Neudeck ob der Au Monastery’ get through their period of Lent. The beer that they brewed, strong and dark became known as Salvator, and any they had going spare went straight to the poor of the city or the monasteries tavern.  The breweries in the area were complaining about Paulaner supplying free beer to the local citizens, therefore putting dents in private breweries profits. It wasn’t until 1773 that Paulaner recruited Valentin Stephan Still as a brewmaster at the monastery, and his innovation led Paulaner on a path for greatness, becoming the largest producer by the end of the century. It was then bought by Franz Xaver Zacherl in 1806 who expanded the brewery and lends his name to it in the present day. Its continued growth throughout the next two decades as well as its modern brewing techniques bringing old recipes to life makes Paulaner a stand out performer on the brewing stage. An instantly recognisable brand and a loyal following ensures its position as a big six brewer in Munich and with the largest brewery of the six at that.

Paulaner Hefeweissbier Naturtrub is an extremely popular beer known in Germany as ‘breakfast beer’ because of its easy drinking ability. It is gold in the glass under a thick head with a classic wheat haze to it. The Bavarian beverage has a banana aroma from the malts with caramel, lemon zest and bready notes all present. Slight fruit tones are detectable on the palate with a bitter sweet drive which is followed by honey, citrus and spices. This is a low calorie wheat beer that brings people together over their love of beer. A true classic in the industry, served in traditional beer gardens in Germany and poured expertly in your garden in the UK.

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