Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur
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Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur

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Fresh from the award winning Welsh Whisky Company, this cream liqueur is a high quality combination of dairy cream and fine malted barley spirit. Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur may be named after the Welsh Wizard, but this doesn’t pull any tricks. A simple, easy drinking liqueur focused purely on taste. Produced in small batches only, the copper still produces just one cask of spirit per day, which is then mixed with local fresh dairy cream to make the 17% liqueur.

The aroma of cream and fudge are on offer with this spirit, that dimmer to allow vanilla, banana and exotic fruits to gently linger around the nose. The palate is where the fruit blossoms, combining smoothly with the vanilla to produce a depth to the mellow flavour. Merlyn Cream Liqueur is best consume over ice and is a perfect after dinner beverage. 

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