Meantime Raspberry Wheat
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Meantime Raspberry Wheat

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Raspberry beer has a vibrant red colour and a fine white head. The beer has a full raspberry fruit nose, a balance of sweet and sour fruit on the palate and a wildly refreshing zesty finish. The beer is brewed with malted barley and malted wheat, and is fermented with a rare warmth loving yeast.

Secondary fermentation of sugars in the raspberries promote a shrill acidity on the palate giving the beer a refreshing tang that makes it an ideal cleansing digestif, and which has won it a dedicated fan base.

Raspberry beer is good with chocolate based sweets, fresh fruits, soft cheeses or with spiced curries. Whilst the fruit means this beer actually gets better with age.

Winner at the International Beer Challenge 2007 - World's 50 Best Beers.
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