Matusalem Gran Reserva 15yo
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Matusalem Gran Reserva 15yo

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Gran reserva has a rich golden color comparable to those found in the world's best oak-barrel aged spirits.Its clear, brilliant red and amber tones come from the solera system of blending young and mature rums in oak casks.
Gran reserva imparts a keen sense of its grace through its aroma of sweet vanilla, molasses caramel and plums.This lavish offering results in a mellow, rich, subtle and exquisitely refined rum.
Superbly blended in the grand Cuban tradition.Gran Reserva offers a delicate taste.Velvety smooth, with an exceptional boquet and delicate flavours of vanilla, molasses and caramel, its complex palate generates barely any heat.Gran reserva's satiny texture is that of a unique super-premium rum.
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