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Martell Cognac

For over 300 years, Martell has been at the forefront of great cognac and is one of the four legendary cognac houses along with Remy Martin, Hennessey and Courvoisier. Founded in 1715, Martell was created by Jean Martell, an Englishman who traded Jersey for the cognac capital. He dedicated the next forty years to his preferred art style, searching the region for the finest eaux-de-vie’s to use in his blend.

Following his death, the business stayed in the family, with his wife and children continuing to honour the same tradition and integrity that formed their company. Its name and reputation grew enormously as the trend swept as far as the United States and Asia. Its iconic branding, labels and blends took Martell to new heights, fraternising with royal weddings, Hollywood films and even earned a place on the Oriental Express as their cognac of choice.

Here at Beers of Europe, we are proud to present a wide variety of the Martell range, including the VSOP, XO and Cordon Bleu, bringing together the best French cognac with the best UK alcohol retailer.

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