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Marstons EPA

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Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries began operations at the end of the 19th century. They grew at an alarming rate through the 20th century, becoming Marstons much more recently in 2007 to incorporate a much more recognisable name for the brand following their rapid takeovers of English pubs and breweries. Their continued expansion has led Marstons to be a household name in the UK and the English Pale Ale has since become a core beer for the company.


At 3.6%, this is a session EPA that is very easy to drink and with it all on display in such a simple brew, you cannot afford to get it wrong. Luckily Marstons got it very right with the EPA. It is based on pale ales of old Victorian times, with a bit more show business. It is a light gold colour, with a fruity aroma and a hoppy zesty finish. This is certainly a British classic and long may Marstons rise continue if they persist in brewing top quality beverages.


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