Magic Rock Inhaler
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Magic Rock Inhaler

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Located in Birkby, Huddersfield is Magic Rock brewery. Magic Rock is committed to brewing a range of modern beers packed with flavour and hop forward whilst using the best available ingredients and techniques and striving for balance and drinkability whilst seeking flavour and complexity.


Inhaler is a pale ale/IPA hybrid, brewed to showcase some of the newer hop varieties which work well in modern, hop forward beers.



Brewed with Pale malt, a little wheat and Crystal malt, some low bitterness and a blend of six different hops.



Inhaler pours a dark amber with a fruity aroma. Orange zest, sweet biscuit malts and notes of peach and vanilla hit the nose whilst the zest follows through to the flavour and makes a zingy, lively mouthfeel. Fresh and crisp with a punchy bitter finish, this is a super session beer.


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