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Luksusowa Vodka

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To give you a bit of help with this one, Luksusowa Vodka is pronounced ‘LOOK-SOO-SO-VAH’ and has a name that translates to ‘luxurious’. Luksusowa was first created back in 1928, using high quality potatoes to ensure its unique flavour.

The production process to distil the potatoes is more complicated than that of rye vodkas but produces a smoother taste guaranteed to satisfy a vodka connoisseur or someone looking for a decent vodka for cocktails. It is clear in colour with earthy aromas and  herbal notes. Light bodied with a creamy texture, this vodka can be consumed neat, on the rocks or in cocktails such as the classic martini. This Polish vodka is produced at the Zielona Gora distillery, this vodka has won numerous awards for its earthy taste with a sweet finish.

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