Louis Roederer Cristal
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Louis Roederer Cristal

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In 1876, Tsar Alexander II was already a great fan of Louis Roederers champagne and he asked Louis Roederer to go one step further and produce, for his own personal consumption, a unique wine in quality and bottle. Louis Roederer offered to create an exceptional white crystal bottle to house the best selection from the 7 ?nest vineyards of his estate. This wine was only produced in the great years when the ripeness of the chardonnay and pinot noir enabled a subtle, precise balance. The wine is the regions most prestigious.

An intense delicate wine that reveals a precise, pure combination of sugared ?owers, cocoas, ?nely toasted hazelnuts, and candied citrus fruits. The texture is in?nitely silky, concentrated and ?avoursome with an explosion of ripe fruit, red fruit, white chocolate, caramel and viennoiserie typical of Cristal. It is a powerful and elegant wine with a crescendo of sensations that attains a true harmony of ?avours and perfect integration. The end is fresh with a ?ne bitterness which almost lends the wine crispness - Jean-Baptiste Lecaillo.

The perfect accompaniment to scallops, caviar with citrus, half smoked salmon, oysters and marinated raw fish.


  • COUNTRY France
  • ABV 12.00%
  • BOTTLE SIZE 750 ml
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