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Louche Absinthe

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Louche French Absinthe is lower in ABV than many other absinthes, weighing in at just 50%. But strength is far from the most important factor in Absinthe and while still maintaining an authentic absinthe punch, it does so with immense complexity and flavour. This versatile spirit is not solely produced to be consumed neat but it can be used in a mixer or indeed in a cocktail, introducing a calm responsibility into Absinthe’s reputation, such a controversial spirit when misused. Woodworm is present in the spirit, of course without the toxins that previously played a part in its stigma, and it has been done so magnificently by Alain Lemercier, a sixth generation Master Distiller, ensuring unrivalled quality. A truly authentic absinthe product from the Belle Époque era, if you thought you knew Absinthe, think again.

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