Loch Lomond Original
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Loch Lomond Original

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Loch Lomond Original is a single malt whisky which is carefully matured before being married in the finest oak casks.



The result is the perfect blend of aroma and flavour making an elegant, full bodied and smooth whisky.



On the nose, the first impression is of dark, warm leather that builds to a Highland heathery character before giving way to a sweet malty presence with lighter and subtle wood notes becoming noticeable at the close.



Malt bursts on to the tongue with sweet cereal notes building to an almost creamy texture with a pronounced nuttiness mid-palate followed by a brief, slightly astringent citrus note in the background followed by a sweet finish. Dark molasses develop with faint citrus peel offsetting the rich and sweet notes.


Loch Lomond Original is an exceptionally easy to drink single malt whisky.
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