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Liqueurs are alcoholic beverages made from distilled spirits that have been flavoured with things like fruit, cream, herbs, spices, flowers and nuts. They usually taste very sweet as they are not usually aged and they contain sugar or other sweeteners. Liqueurs are popular all over the world, though in America they are often referred to as cordials.

History of liqueurs
The recipe for traditional liqueurs descended from those of herbal medicines. It is thought that the first liqueurs were made in Italian monasteries during the thirteenth century. Liqueurs are now made all over the world and can be served in many different ways.

How to drink liqueurs
In some countries they drink liqueurs on their own, or pour them over ice. Liqueurs can also be mixed with other drinks to create cocktails or poured into coffee. In recent times layered drinks made from liqueurs have been very popular. These are made by floating various different coloured liqueurs on top of each other. This requires a steady hand and the use of the back of a spoon. Each liqueur is slowly poured into the drink and remains unmixed due to their varying densities.

Holiday traditions
Liqueurs are particularly popular during holiday periods like Christmas. Chocolate and coffee cream liqueurs are traditional Christmas drinks that are often poured over cubes of ice or added into coffee. Liqueurs with blends of ginger and cinnamon are also served during the Christmas period. Liqueurs are the perfect drinks to warm you up on cold winter evenings.

Here at Beers of Europe we pride ourselves in offering the best selection of liqueurs from around the globe. Whether you are looking for a traditional Christmas favourite, or a unique flavouring, we are sure you will be pleased with the liqueurs you will find here on our website.

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