Linie Aquavit
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Linie Aquavit

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Linie Aquavit is a traditional Norwegian potato-based caraway spirit that is different from its Danish counterparts due to being aged in old sherry casks with the addition of along with added aniseed, making it rich and complex.


Linie Aquavit has an interesting story in its creation, as it is taken in its sherry casks for a four month voyage to Australia before it returns to be bottled. The trip through different temperatures results in speeding up the maturing process.

The use of many herbs and spices like caraway, aniseed and oak add complexity to this spirits while hints of old sherry give it a richness as well as a well-rounded flavour.


On every bottle is the name of the ship that took Linie Aquavit on its journey as well as the time took travelling.


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