Liefmans Goudenband 330ml
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Liefmans Goudenband 330ml

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An immediately recognisable brand, Liefmans has gained a reputation for brewing world class beer, and the Goudenband is no different. First known as Ijzereband which translates to Iron Band as a reference to the band around the beer barrel, it later changed its name to Goudenband, meaning Gold Band. One of the most distinctive dark beers around, it is made by masterfully blending matured beer of 12 months with younger beer, to merge the complexity of old with the sharp edge of the new batch. This restarts the fermentation process, resulting in a beer brimming with quality.

It appears dark red with notes of caramel, fresh fruits and malt on the nose. The palate isolates hints of apple and cherry followed by wood with nuts and raisins to finish. This can be stored for years as it improves while it ages and in perfect conditions can be fresh after a decade or more. It can be paired with blue cheese as well as an excellent after dinner beverage just on its own.
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