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Leblon Cachaca

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Since being founded in 2005 by Steve Luttmann, Leblon Cachaca is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. It is a spirit produced by fermenting sugar cane to provide the Cachaca with a distinct flavour. Leblon is named after the beach in Rio, to show the comparisons to luxury. Gilles Merlet is the Master Distiller at the Patos de Minas, where Leblon Cachaca is produced. Once it is distilled and filtered in copper stills, it is transported to the South of France where it rests for 6 months in 400 litre cognac casks.

Leblon is a lively spirit, infusing spices and fruits into the sugar cane base. A flowering sweetness teases the palate. The Cachaca has a light to medium body and an ultra-smooth finish. This is perfect for mixing into cocktails as well as drinking neat and is used in Brazil’s favourite cocktails, the Caipirinha.

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