Lauterbacher Weissbier Hell
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Lauterbacher Weissbier Hell

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Lauterbacher has been brewing in Bavaria since 1889 and is one of the oldest wheat beers in the region. Matured in the bottle, Lauterbacher is unfiltered as well as brewed with water from their own deep wells which along with local malts and Hallertauer hops, meaning that top quality ingredients provide the basis for the brews.


This easy drinking beer appears golden yellow in colour with a white head. It has a well-rounded flavour with a clove aroma and a fruity taste as well as the malts. It can be served with cold dishes such as salads or with fish and poultry. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, it goes well with fruity desserts or ice cream sundaes but also goes down a treat on its own. This is a great wheat beer with a unique character and is a hidden gem amongst the masses that Bavaria has to offer.




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