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Lao Brewery Co (Carlsberg)

Beer lovers looking for a sense of adventure and a taste of something different, need look no further than Beerlao – a range of beers made in the forgotten jewel of Far East Asia, Laos.

Since the early 1970s the country has also been home to the Lao Brewery Company which has become one of the main beer and bottled water producers in Laos.

Through its Beerlao beer range the company has not only gone on to become the most popular in Laos, it has also been awarded multiple international competition awards for its brewing and has also become available in 13 countries across the globe.

The Beerlao range combines the mastery of European beer making with a traditional ingredient tied into Laos culture – rice.

The classic Beerlao (5%) is a pale lager brewed from the finest local rice and top quality malt which adds to its distinctive taste and charm which has made it an international favourite.

Other beers in the range include Beer Lao dark (6.5%) – an award winning brew which has a golden brown look and a full bodied taste; and Beer Lao Gold (5%)) which is premium beer made from Saphire aroma hops

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