Krombacher Weizen
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Krombacher Weizen

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As an old established brewery why did we suddenly decide upon the idea of trying to brew a wheat beer? Because we wanted to know the wheat taste of Krombach. Driven by the quest for the perfect wheat beer flavour we have to ask the people who are responsible for the success of other Krombacher varieties: you.


We have only just begun to brew our wheat beer, after being in talks with real wheat experts understanding how wheat should taste. In many attempts we were looking for our Krombacher wheat. We now have our own year and pure breed developed solely in our new brewing facility having tried various approaches, discarded them, further experiments, refining and finally perfecting. The final judgment, however, remains with the experts. The persuasively fruity, full bodied flavour of our natural and naturally cloudy wheat Krombacher was what we were looking for. See for yourself!


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