Killepitsch 700ml
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Killepitsch 700ml

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From the Busch Distillery in Dusseldorf, Killepitsch is a strong liqueur that contains over 90 spices, fruits and herbs. Killepitsch was launched in the 1950’s, just after the war, born from the idea of a new beginning. There is a story behind the name too, coming from the notion ‘If they don’t kill us now, we have a chance to pitsch a few more’. Soon after the war, the trade embargo was lifted on occupied Germany and this allowed distiller Willi Bush to find and purchase the quality ingredients he would need to create his herbal powerhouse. Traditionally served chilled from its original home of the Et Kabueffke bar in Dusseldorf, this wonderful concoction is now available right on your doorstep. This has a similar following to that of Jagermeister but a little more complex.
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