Jim Beam Devils Cut
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Jim Beam Devils Cut

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Jim Beam Devils Cut is a unique bourbon that is bought to us by Jim Beam. This whisky has an innovative beginning due to the Jim Beam distillers creating a process that allows them to extract the rich whisky that is trapped inside empty barrels. This trapped whisky which is extracted from the barrels is actually referred to as “Devils Cut” (hence the name of this bourbon) opposed to the whisky that naturally evaporates which is called “Angel’s Share”.

After they have extracted the whisky they develop it until it has a nice balance which they then combine with a 6 year old bourbon.

The final result of Jim Beam Devils Cut is a high quality whisky that is deep amber in colour and gives off a woody aroma with fresh oak along with vanilla and spice. On the palate, strong vanilla and rich woody tones are followed by a lengthy finish with elements of oak, vanilla and spice flavours.

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