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Jim Beam Apple

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Jim Beam Apple is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey that has been mixed with a green apple liqueur and stands as a 35% ABV product.

This is an intense, fruity and extremely sweet premium bourbon that takes advantage of the refreshment that you get from apple and tonic. Its appearance is a golden honey colour with a crisp green apple aroma and lingering flavours of apple and hints of oak.

This product was designed to stay true to Jim Beams Kentucky roots, while producing something new that would appeal to those who are new or unfamiliar to whiskey products.

We recommend it to be served on the rocks or with club soda and a lemon wedge.

Jim Beam Apple isn't the only one of their products to be infused with different flavours, other products include:

  • Jim Beam Honey which is infused with real honey

  • Red Stag by Jim Beam Black Cherry which is infused with natural flavours and liqueur

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