Jack Daniels Silver Select Single Barrel
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Jack Daniels Silver Select Single Barrel

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Jack Daniels already hold a massive reputation in the whisky industry, but quite possibly the hidden gem in the range is the Jack Daniel’s Silver Select Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey. This whiskey is bottled at a higher strength, meaning more flavours that you ever thought possible. The single barrel takes the whiskey back to the day where each barrel has its own history and therefore its own individual tastes. Each barrel is aged to 50% in a unique location to absorb its conditions into the barrel and slightly alter the nose, colour and taste. Despite the changes in each barrel, it has a taste that you know has only comes from the Jack Daniel Distillery.

Citrus and pepper first on the nose give way to caramel, sweet banana and spices. The flavours of this rich whiskey are made up of apples and pine to join the caramel, spices and vanilla on the palate. The caramel holds on throughout the finish to accompany spices and fruit for a lingering sensation.

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