Islay Mist
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Islay Mist

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An award winning blend combining the peaty flavour of Islay whiskies with a gentle and seductive tone.

Islay Mist was originally created on the Scottish island of Islay in 1922 to celebrate the 21st birthday of Lord Margadale. It was thought that the local single malt scotch, Laphroaig, might be too heavy for all the guests taste so this unique blend of Laphroaig with Speyside malts and grain whisky was born. What was achieved was a perfect synthesis of the unmistakeable notes of peat, smoke and sea air found in Islay malts and the smoother, sweeter hints of Speyside malts.


The quality of Islay Mist has been recognised by the worlds most famous connoisseurs, including in the 2008 World Whiskies Awards.


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