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Ish Gin

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A British Gin founded in Bristol Bar in Madrid.  Bristol Bar was famous in the Spanish capital for its large range of juniper spirits, and Ish Gin fitted right in and its popularity grew until it found its way back home to London. This London Dry Gin is a perfectly balanced recipe, distilled 5 times, that has no additional flavourings.

 From a pot still in the heart of our capital, Ish Gin contains twelve botanicals listed as follows;

juniper, coriander seed and angelica root blended with almond, orris root, nutmeg, cinnamon, cassia, liquorice, lemon peel and orange peel. The botanicals are integrated to the mash during a two week resting period before being blended with the alcohol and water. The result is a clean, smooth yet complex tasting gin of superior quality.

 Ish Gin provides intense juniper on the nose, sweetness on the palate and a uniquely desirable finish. If you haven’t tried this yet, make it top of your to-try list.

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