Hobsons Brewery

Hobsons Brewery

Hobsons Brewery is probably one of the best known UK brewers, founded by the Davis family in 1993. Their success over the last 20 plus years comes down to many factors, particularly the people connected to the brewery and the resources at their disposal. Hobsons firmly believe in supporting their community and believe that this has also helped their success.

Hobson beers are currently being produced at a rate of 180 to 200 barrels every week. 80% of the hops used in their beers are from a nearby hop grower in Teme Valley - a good example of how they work closely with their community.

Over the years Hobsons have collected many awards including Champion Beer of Britain in 2007 for Hobsons Mild and at the CAMRA West Midlands Beers of the Year 2012 they won in the Bitter Category for their product "Best Bitter". They also collected a few stars at the Great Taste Awards. In 2011 they received two stars for Old Henry and one star for Town Crier and in 2014 they received one star for Hobsons Old Prickly.

Hobsons Brewery is a business that is deeply concerned with their impact on our world. Their efforts to become a greener business were proven a success when they were awarded the Best Green Business Award and the Best Overall Business Award at the 2010 SIBA Awards ceremony.

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