Highland Park Einar 1 Litre
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Highland Park Einar 1 Litre

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Coming from Highland Park’s Warrior Series, Einar derives from Norse mythology and translates to ‘bold’ or ‘valour’, the name obviously picked to perfectly suit this whisky. The Einar in mention once ruled over Orkney, where Highland Park’s distillery lies, in the 11th century. He got his reputation from being a successful fighter and an uncompromising man of great power. Einar has been matured in American oak casks and is, like the man himself, bold and intense. 

A dram of Einar is packed with smoky peat, fruit and vanilla notes, which makes it a well-balanced whisky combining both sweet and smoky finishes effortlessly. In appearance, it is a golden colour, with pineapple, syrup and smoke apparent on the nose. 

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