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German brewing is a force on the international beer scene and one of the heavyweights is Herforder’s wide ranging selection.

With a range of more than 10 different choices for the beer connoisseur, including a pilsner and export, Herforder use modern brewing techniques to produce some of the finest beer coming out of Europe

Working to the company motto ‘Quality trumps profit’ founding brothers Georg and Gustav Uekermann began brewing in Herford, Germany, more than 130 years ago and their family tradition is still going strong today.

Renowned for their commitment to quality and loyalty to the regional market, Herforder’s brewing tradition has helped make the Westphalia region one of the highest contributors to the German beer landscape.

The brewery’s most popular drink is the Herforder Pils, served in 500ml bottleat 4.8%, is a bright and golden pilsner with a dry and hoppy taste. The beer became somewhat of a firm favourite amongst Army staff who were based in and around Herford. The taste for the beer waned to this day and Herforder see their classic pilsner shipped across the globe.

Other options Herforder Export, a classic representation of the export beer made using a selection of speciality malts for a full bodied taste, and Herforder Lanbier, a warm reddish-brown beer brewed for up to five weeks for extra maturity and a real alternative to the classic strongly hopped beer

Shop our range of Herforder which includes the classic Herforder Pils and a selection of Herforder glasses and add them to your Beers of Europe basket before taking advantage of our next day UK delivery for just £7.49.

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