Hazy View Chenin Blanc
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Hazy View Chenin Blanc

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Hazy View Chenin Blanc is a South African wine, the name deriving from the grape used. The origins of the wine come from the Western Cape, where the vineyards are closely nurtured to ensure a superior quality yield. The grapes are left in contact with the skins for 6 hours at 6 degrees before being crushed and fermented. The wine is then fined with Benonite at -4 degrees before being bottled without being aged.


Chenin Blanc is straw in appearance with a bright and clean clarity and is Fresh and aromatic on the nose with notes of peach. The palate indulges a crisp acidity with a long fruity finish. This versatile wine can be served as an aperitif and it also pairs well with white meats or a cold buffet. The ideal serving temperature for Hazy View Chenin Blanc is 10-12 degrees.
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