Haymans London Dry Gin
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Haymans London Dry Gin

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Hayman's Gin recipe consists of ten natural botanicals handpicked from around the world which creates a fresh crisp and elegant flavour.

The best juniper provides the predominant flavour of gin and is therefore the most essential ingredient.

The finest angelica roots are harvested in France and give gin its dry character.

Coriander seeds are imported from France which together withliquorice gives gin its complexity.

Orris root, sourced from Italy, has a scented flavour and is an essential part of the blend as it holds the other flavours together.

Orange and Lemon peel is sourced from Spain where the fruit is usually hand-peeled and left to dry in the Spanish sunshine to capture the oils and give Haymans London Dry Gin its crisp, balanced and unique flavour.
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