Harp Lager 440ml
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Harp Lager 440ml

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Harp Lager is an Irish Lager that was first made by Guinness in its Great Northern Brewery back in 1960. However in 2008 Diageo, who owned Great Northern Brewery at the time, said they would be closing the brewery over a five year period. The last Harp Lager brewed at that site was in 2013, it has since been moved to St. James's Gate, Dublin.
Harp Lager has a brilliant bright pale golden colour with fruity notes in its aroma. The taste is crisp with a bitter start however it soon becomes clean and brilliantly refreshing with a smooth finish. The crisp taste of Harp Lager might be due to the pure water from the Cooley Mountains, Dundalk that is used in the brewing process.
For a country that is best known for its stouts this is a surprising and lovely beverage that is well worth a try.
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