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Hankey Bannister

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Hankey Bannister Original Blend is a scotch whisky that is produced by Messrs Hankey and Bannister, based in Airdrie Scotland.


This whisky has been distilled with care to produce the best quality whisky that is smooth, light and perfectly balanced which has led it to being enjoyed by many since it was first created 250 years ago.


Hankey Bannister Original Blend has a colour of creamy toffee with a golden hue. When you bring it to your nose the aroma of spice gives it some extra depth. The flavour consists of a subtle mix that is sweet and spicy with hints of honey and finishes with a lasting joyful taste.


Hankey Bannister Original Blend has won many awards over the years including Gold at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Sliver in 2015 at the International Spirits Challenge.


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